I’m honestly not even sure where to begin. Was Crab Con a success? Yes! Was it fun and amazing? Yes! Will we do it again? Yes!

Most of my emotions leading up to the event were doubt, anxiety and excitement all mixed together. Today, I am proud, heartfull, thankful, amazed, impressed and inspired. More than once on Saturday I started to tear up, I was just so happy.

For me, this event could not have happened without a lot of support from a lot of people. I am so very thankful for:

My momma for being my helper, my product bagger and my pet sitter.

My big sister Tina for travelling from Wyoming to Illinois to spend time with mom while I’m away.

My baby sister Misty for always being my road trip buddy and my helper at the event.

My Matty Monkey for being my regular event helper and babysitter of Misty’s dogs when she and I travel.

My LHCOS team of moderators and Local Reps who keep the group running and the questions answered. LHCOS and CSJ could not grow without them in the trenches doing the grunt work. I can’t say this enough!

Mary Akers for fearlessly jumping into the deep end of the crazy crab pool. I am inspired by you and all that you have accomplished so far (crabby and otherwise). I know this has been an emotional journey for you. You carry the heavy burden of everyone’s hopes on your shoulders and I hope we are providing the support and encouragement you need to carry on. Without your babies there would be no Crab Con.

Mary’s family and friends for embracing our special kind of crazy and devoting your free time to make this event so amazing. Everything was so well planned and organized!

Sara Dunn for not only bringing me Canadian junk food but for jumping in wherever and whenever you were needed to get stuff done. You were a huge help to me!

Darcy Madsen and crew for not only making the long trip but for documenting everything. Y’all are a joy!

The vendors who took a chance on us and brought/sent some awesome goods. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many people eager to spend money. 😀

Anna Keel processing all of the baby adoption applications. She is a hermit crab adopting machine and her devotion to the program is obvious in it’s success.

Rizky Perdana Chandra Putranto and Andrew Roth and their artistic talents. The logo and t-shirts turned out amazing. Thank you for donating your time and talent.

Tricia Landers, Andrew Roth, Dan and Gypsy all of whom gave up beautiful strawberry crabs to the cause. I believe Crab Con 2020 is going to be Berry Special. 😉

Everyone who attended! After all it is not a convention if no one shows up. Each and every person at the event will hold a special place in my heart. Y’all made my dream a reality and my world is a better place with you in it.

Next year I hope to be able to spend more time just hanging out with everyone. I’ve never felt more comfortable with people in my life. I’m pretty sure every single conversation was crab related and it seemed that we all talked non stop. There were definitely some folks that I did not get to spend quality time with just due to lack of time. The day literally flew by.

So yeah, start clearing your schedules for Crab Con 2020!

Missed the event but want to hear the talks? The talks were all live streamed in our Facebook Group: