Claws in the Classroom is a brand new program launched fall 2018. Teachers with classroom hermit crabs can receive free supplies to set up a proper habitat with the correct products.

To date educational grant programs are providing the wrong products and teachers are forced to buy the correct items themselves.

Our items are gently used items so supplies are limited and inventory will vary. First come first served but we can put you on a waiting list for some items.

We will also provide you some safe, nutritious foods.

The Crab Street Journal has some free, downloadable Hermit Crab Lesson Plans.

Please fill out the Claws in the Classroom Request Form to receive your items. 

Please submit the shell opening size your hermit crab is wearing along with photos of the hermit crabs next to a ruler. That will help us select the proper sized shells for you. These images demonstrate how to get an accurate measurement.

A seashell being measured with calipers
A seashell opening being measured with calipers

Teachers if you have extra shells that no longer fit your hermit crabs please consider mailing them to us for another classroom. 

LHCOS 403 West Washington Street Wayne City IL 62895

Have supplies to donate? Send us an email