LHCOS Local Representative

What is the role of a Land Hermit Crab Owners Society (LHCOS) Local Representative?

A LHCOS Local Representative is someone who will be a resource for land hermit crab owners in their area and act on behalf of LHCOS to promote the four principles of C.A.R.E. :

  • Community & Conservation
  • Advocacy
  • Research & Rescue
  • Education

What makes a good Local Representative?

  • You have a good grasp on the basics of hermit crab care.
  • You have a good attitude and approach to others who are learning.
  • You have a desire to advocate in some way, shape or form for hermit crabs.
  • You are active in our community and programs.
  • You are willing to volunteer in one of our programs or take on some tasks for LHCOS. We are growing fast and we need hands to help with the chores!

Apply to become a LHCOS Local Representative

We are now only reviewing and voting on new Local Representatives twice a year. We will review and vote on all pending applications in February and August of each year. Cut off is the first day of February and the first day of August.

Who is my Local Representative?

Browse the map to find your LHCOS Local Rep.

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