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πŸ“Έ Featuring the stunning winning photos from our monthly contest, this calendar is a treasure trove of crab-tastic moments captured by our incredible community! From quirky antics to adorable poses, each month showcases the unique charm of these delightful creatures. But that’s not all! 🌟 Your purchase isn’t just about crab joyβ€”it’s a chance to support a great cause! 🌊🐚 Calendar sales are a fundraising event, helping us continue our mission to support hermit crab welfare and education initiatives. Mark your calendars for mid-December 2023 to grab your copy and make a difference for these fantastic crustaceans! Stay tuned for updates on where and howRead More →

Global Projects

Around the world people are doing their part to protect wild hermit crabs and their resources.

Seashell replenishment and replacement projects exist in Japan, American, Thailand.

Eco-tourism introduces a new opportunity for locals and tourists in Taiwan.

Make the Switch 4 Nature – Japan

Poster collage depicting land hermit crabs wearing pieces of garbage instead of shells.

Crustacean Plantation – Florida

A variety of seashells placed around a tree trunk

Mother of Crabs – Thailand

Green Island Hermit House – Taiwan