Global Projects

Around the world people are doing their part to protect wild hermit crabs and their resources.

Seashell replenishment and replacement projects exist in Japan, American, Thailand.

Eco-tourism introduces a new opportunity for locals and tourists in Taiwan.

Make the Switch 4 Nature – Japan

Poster collage depicting land hermit crabs wearing pieces of garbage instead of shells.

Crustacean Plantation – Florida

A variety of seashells placed around a tree trunk

Mother of Crabs – Thailand

Green Island Hermit House – Taiwan

Society Blog

LHCOS is pleased to announce that Meredith Hass joined the LHCOS Local Representatives program in the Fall of 2023. We failed to post her announcement at that time so here at long last is your introduction to Meredith! Meredith Hass first fell in love with hermit crabs in 1989 when care knowledge was next to unknown. She started keeping crabs again in 2019 and quickly learned there was so much more to this fascinating creature she had fallen in love with! She started with just 3 Hermit crabs in a 25-gallon tank. In the first 2 weeks of her crab journey, she discovered the LHCOSRead More →