LHCOS is pleased to announce that Meredith Hass joined the LHCOS Local Representatives program in the Fall of 2023. We failed to post her announcement at that time so here at long last is your introduction to Meredith!

Meredith Hass first fell in love with hermit crabs in 1989 when care knowledge was next to unknown. She started keeping crabs again in 2019 and quickly learned there was so much more to this fascinating creature she had fallen in love with! She started with just 3 Hermit crabs in a 25-gallon tank. In the first 2 weeks of her crab journey, she discovered the LHCOS community and became active, learning as much as she could to provide the best possible habitat she could. She quickly became active in the Facebook groups helping people with tank setup and design, utilizing her creative gifts for her newfound passion for hermit crabs. In 2022 She started a Facebook group dedicated to crabitat building to help owners provide a more stimulating and safe space for their crabs. She started attending reptile expos in 2021 to help educate the public on hermit crabs. In 2020 with the help of her husband, she designed the first 3D-printed pools that changed crab care for so many keepers. She founded The Lucky Crab Co. in June of 2020 and became a LHCOS-approved seller of hermit crab-safe decor and 3D-printed enrichment items. Today, Meredith has over 800 gallons of tank space to house her approximately 80 crabs. In addition to wild-caught and captive-bred purple pinchers, Meredith has Ecuadorians, Lilas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Ruggies, Violas, Tiger Lilas, Brevies, and Cavipes. She’s a registered breeder with Hermit House and continues her efforts to attempt to raise captive-bred crabs. Meredith chose to become a local rep to continue educating and supporting hermit crab keepers. She continues to design safe, innovative products that can be found on her Etsy store. Theluckycrabco.etsy.com