The Choya Log – A Journal for Keeping Hermit Crabs

As a hermit crab owner of 15+ years I created the book I needed and I hope you will enjoy it too. Custom made pages for specifically for tracking your hermit crabs and crabitat. Over 200 pages of crabby goodness in full color.

No pre filled dates allow you to start your planner any month of any year and still get a full 12 months of use.

Use the monthly calendar pages to track details like daily tank temperature and humidity, who is digging or resurfaced. Week day pages allow you to document noteworthy behaviors or major changes.

Profile pages each quarter for each hermit crab so you can track the progress of each individual-10 per quarter. Including current size, current shell, favorite foods. Draw in the unique setae pattern for each crab on the profile sheet, a grid of dots is included for practice. Lots of note taking areas to customize for your needs.