Join us this Giving Tuesday as we stand up for our beloved land hermit crabs and their natural habitats! At The Land Hermit Crab Owners Society (LHCOS), our core values drive our mission:

🌿 Conservation & Community: We’re dedicated to reducing plastics, preserving natural habitats, and establishing crucial captive breeding programs. Together, we strive for a community that champions quality hermit crab care.

πŸ“’ Advocacy: Our voice is strong in advocating for safe practices, such as the Say No to Painted Shells campaign. From pet expos to local events, we’re spreading the word and educating the public about responsible hermit crab care.

πŸ” Research & Rescue: We’re committed to ongoing research collaborations, seeking knowledge from researchers and biologists to improve care practices. Our rescue efforts focus on re-homing and adoption, championing these over purchasing to support these incredible creatures.

πŸ“š Education: Access to accurate, free information is key! We provide resources like online articles, care sheets, informative videos, and the groundbreaking Claws in the Classroom program, aiding classrooms caring for pet hermit crabs.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday powers these vital initiatives, creating a world where hermit crabs thrive in healthier, safer environments. Every contribution counts toward protecting these fascinating creatures and their homes.

Be a part of our Good Friends in a Pinch movement. Donate today and help us make a lasting impact:

Give Butter LHCOS Donation Page

Thank you for standing by us in our mission to care for and protect these incredible creatures! πŸŒŸπŸ¦€ #GoodFriendsInAPinch #GivingTuesday #HermitCrabConservation