Adopter Resources

Adopter Resources

This is a collection of links and information that may be helpful to our approved hermit crab adopters.

Even if the owner of the hermit crabs says they are clean and healthy, we urge you to isolate them for at least a month. Introducing mites or shell disease to your healthy colony would be devastating. If you are actively adopting we suggest having a small tank to use as a quarantine for incoming hermit crabs.

Argument for isolating hermit crabs

If you’ve adopted a crab that is ill or missing multiple limbs:

Caring for sick or handicapped hermit crabs

This may help if the infection is fairly new:
Medicinal Bath

It is not uncommon for a hermit crab to pull a surface molt if they have been in poor conditions for too long.

Handling a surface molt

Hermit crabs being adopted from dry conditions may benefit from a slow introduction to proper conditions to minimize physical stress.

PPS Reduction Method