Crustacean C.A.R.E. Coalition Sister Site

The Crustacean C.A.R.E. Coalition Sister Site program employs a membership process that includes an application and final web site review. Approved sites are referred to as Sister Sites. Sites will be given a logo to display on their website that immediately identifies them as a reliable source.

The CCC adheres to a Code of Ethics.  Sites who do not conform with the CCC requirements or violate our Code of Ethics will be expelled from the program. This process is governed by LHOCS Board of Directors.

There is overlap that occurs naturally between Sister Sites, as we all have the same mission which is to provide up to date and accurate information. All Sister Sites agree to the core standards of care as outlined in our Basic Hermit Crab Care Sheet.


  1. Apply -To become a Sister Site and join the Crustacean Care Coalition, fill out the form below.
  2. Review of application by BOD
  3. Approval/Rejection
  4. Listed on LHCOS, SS graphic will be sent, links to other SS (with images if applicable) will be sent.
    1.  If your site is approved you will be listed on LHCOS as a Sister Site.
    2. Sister Sites are required to place a link back to LHCOS on your front page.
    3. Sister Sites are encourage but not required to put up link backs to the other Sister Site/CCC members.

There are guidelines for site approval. Your site must meet the following requirements:

1. Site must include care information, tips, and/or resources for crabbers
2. Content must reflect current land hermit crab careguidelines based on LHCOS core standards of care as outlined in our Basic Hermit Crab Care Sheet.
3. Site content must be updated on a regular basis
4. Site content must be original, not copied from other sources
5. Content author must have at least one year experience in keeping pet hermit crabs

6. Site must be online and ‘live’ for at least 30 days
7. General layout and presentation of the information must be clear and easy to navigate
8. A link back to LHCOS must be present on the front page of your site, after you are accepted
9. The site must work cooperatively and actively with other SS members.
10. The site must not claim others work as their own.
11. The site must not display others work without their permission or proper credit.


Member sites will actively collarborate with other sites to further the mission of CCC. Member sites will, at minimum, display or link to the LHCOS Basic Hermit Crab Care sheet. Members will use the LHCOS Basic Care sheet as the foundation for any additional care information available on their site. Members will support, promote and generally work in a positive manner with each other. Ongoing compliance and participation is expected.

Founded 2006

Application to join

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