This year we have started a new series of monthly contests! An Approved Seller or source(s) will sponsor each month and provide the prize. We are excited to get this kicked off with the first contest being August 2020!

Every drawing will be held live with a discussion and drawing for the winner. Please read the contest rules before participating. Thank you and have fun!


-The monthly contest will not overrule nor cancel the Calendar Crab Contest or other events held in that month. 

-Prizes and prize value will depend on sponsor

-Winners outside of the states will receive the value of prize amount (in US currency)

-Winners are not eligible to win sponsored contests for 3 months (if you win in August you’re not eligible to win until December) but are encouraged to participate

-Winners do not have to be present for the drawing but we would love everyone to be present for the discussion.

-Winners cannot try to trade prize for a previous or future prize nor can they try to sell, recreate, or otherwise try to return the prize for money, service, etc. 

-Some contests may require only correct answers to be entered (ex. quiz); this will be at the discretion of LHCOS


-Sponsor is not required to participate in the live drawing and discussion, but LHCOS encourages you to join us and answer questions about your business.

-Sponsors are either Approved Sellers OR Approved Educational Resources (ex. Crab Central Station)

-Minimum of $15 prize in either product, service, coupon, etc. 

-Winners outside of the sponsor’s location will receive the prize amount (in US currency) through Paypal, Venmo, Facebook, or another avenue to compensate and make this available to anyone regardless of location. 

-Sponsors will send prize within 5 days of drawing and will advise LHCOS when they have done so. 

-Some months may have multiple sponsors and events, this does not mean that the prize amount will lessen; it only means there may be more winners in different events.

-What one sponsor may offer isn’t required of other sponsors so long as they meet the criteria in contest rules.

-Sponsor order may change in following years to allow other sponsors the opportunity to sponsor a month that they may like to host.